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Dispute Resolution

With over 15 years of experience, our Dispute Resolution department is well-versed in handling complex commercial cases, being also specialized in high-value administrative and fiscal disputes and VAT refunds.

Our litigation team is custom-designed to address our clients’ specific needs efficiently, and for that purpose we have assembled the right blend of attorneys for each particular case.

We take great pride in the fact that we treat with high attention and evaluate every aspect of the matter we are presented with and assign the right combination of experience and expertise required to win the case and that is reflected in the way we conduct the investigation, the way we assess the details of each case, the way we document the case and collaborate with experts to ensure our success.

We assisted and advised companies (both local and international) and individuals in cases covering commercial, civil, intellectual property, labor, administrative and fiscal disputes, matters pertaining to commercial agreements, insurance, construction and real estate, competition, antitrust and unfair competition and public acquisitions. We represented Clients spanning from amicable dispute settlements to all levels of courts, from the lower court to the Supreme Court.

Acting on behalf of a variety of Clients, our main objective is to measurably minimize the litigation risks for our Clients. However disputes cannot sometimes be avoided, and then is where litigation is rather more advisable in order to secure a strategic advantage, and that is exactly where we are excelling.

Our trial experience and oral advocacy capabilities recommend us, possessing both practical and commercial awareness, which in turn allow Clients to entrust us with sensitive or complex business disputes, that we can handle successfully due to our team of specialized lawyers, that bring forward a professional, flexible and cost-effective approach.

  • (1) Corporate Disputes.
  • (2) Commercial and Civil Disputes.
  • (3) Debt Recovery.
  • (4) Alternative Disputes Resolutions.
  • (6) Administrative Disputes
  • (7) Fiscal Disputes
  • (8) Real Estate Disputes
  • (9) Professional Liability Litigation
  • (10) Labor law & Employment Disputes
  • (11) Intellectual Property Disputes
  • (12) Competition Disputes
  • (13) Enforcement
  • (14) Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments
  • (15) Family law Disputes

Insolvency, Restructuring & Bankruptcy

Our department provides legal services at the highest standards, having expertise in advising companies in the insolvency and restructuring procedures, companies in financial distress or bankruptcy, inasmuch as with the pre-insolvency procedures.

We offer high-end legal services in Restructuring & Insolvency, providing multifaceted advice and assistance in complex insolvency cases to secured and unsecured creditors, debtors, lessors, creditors’ committees, equity holders, trustees, prospective acquirers of businesses or assets. Furthermore, we represent nearly every sector of the economy, including manufacturing, real estate and construction, retail, transportation, utilities, pharma, travel, chemical, or energy.

We strive to understand their industries, operations and goals, complementing them with our top-level knowledge of the insolvency law and market. We dedicate ourselves to help our clients with adoption and implementation of the most effective solutions and sophisticated strategies so we can protect their interests, to the best of our knowledge and abilities.

Our team of professionals has a first-class track record in terms of handling complex, large-scale insolvencies and restructuring mandates on behalf of debtors, creditors and investors, whilst also having strong expertise in advising on directors` liabilities issue.

Our Clients appoint us to act in our full capacity as lawyers, in order to supervise the activity of the liquidator or even ask us to choose a liquidator on their behalf, to closely monitor the insolvency procedure and ensure their success. Thus, putting our best efforts to protect and secure their interests we have managed to build up a portfolio of highly satisfied clients and receive top insolvency mandates.

  • (1) Restructuring.
  • (2) Insolvency (Observation, Reorganization & Bankruptcy).
  • (3) Liquidation.
  • (4) Debt Selling & Debt Collection.
  • (6) Debt Recovery.
  • (7) Non Performing Loan Restructuring (NPLs).
  • (8) Structured finance.
  • (9) Collateral Guarantees Negotiation.
  • (10) Auctions.
  • (11) Potential Liability for Corporate Executives (allegations of negligence or fraud).

Corporate, Commercial and M&A

The Corporate, Commercial and M&A department is a key practice area within the law firm and is characterized by its international reach and the multidisciplinary approach that our team takes on all projects. Almost all of our projects are cross-border, working with Magic Circle firms and other leading firms from all over the world. The M&A practice is very expansive and strong practice within our firm. We have experience in all stages of the acquisition process, starting with sale-purchase agreements, due-diligence reports, mortgage agreements to business transfers, mergers or divisions with private, state owned or companies in insolvency proceedings, joint ventures, just to mention a few.

We have earned our place in the market by handling high-value corporate transactions for clients coming from diverse industry sectors, ranging from international private companies to local ones. Throughout the mandates handled we developed a solid practice, dealing with complex M&A transactions, both on the buyer`s and seller`s side, advising on Romanian M&A aspects inasmuch as cross-border.

We assembled a team of highly skilled attorneys with extensive experience, eager to dedicate their time and best efforts, to provide high-end legal services, having the knowledge and ability to approach every transaction from start to closing, working side by side with our clients, to make sure that their objectives are fully achieved.

We reach to our clients by offering our legal know-how, competency and reliability throughout the process of adopting and implementing the most effective solutions and sophisticated strategies, with the sole purpose of protecting their interests. Furthermore, we believe that each customer should receive tailored services, in a timely manner.

  • (1) Incorporation and Corporate Restructuring.
  • (2) Shareholders’ Agreement (SHA).
  • (3) Corporate Governance.
  • (4) Shareholders Dispute Resolution.
  • (5) Mortgage Agreements
  • (6) Cross-border Transactions and Commercial Contracts
  • (7) Potential Liability for Corporate Executives
  • (8) Foreign Investment Contract Negotiation
  • (9) Day-to-day Consultancy
  • (10) Due Diligence
  • (11) Private Equity
  • (12) Divestitures and Spin-Offs
  • (13) Joint Ventures
  • (14) Memoranda
  • (15) Private or Public Mergers & Acquisitions

Banking, Finance and Capital Markets

Pavel, Margarit and Associates Romanian Law Firm has over 15 years of experience and has been recognized on the market as a strong and respected firm that assists and advises both domestic and international major real estate and construction developers and key players from the energy and natural resources sector on mandates involving complex financing cross-border matters.

The law firm assists companies with financing matters, frequently acting alongside major international law firms in cross-border transactions, providing high standard expertise from project financing, acquisition, debt restructuring, refinancing, acquisition of distressed assets and NPL portfolios, equity transactions, intra-group financing, club loans, security packages including mortgages, warranties, due diligence, to structuring of the entire transaction. The firm assists Clients with negotiations, structuring and documenting all financing agreements, including structured finance, asset-based financing, corporate finance, real estate-secured loans, to name a few.

Our Banking and Finance department works closely with our Dispute Resolution department assisting with matters pertaining to compliance issues, alternative disputes, and financial investigations. Considering that a significant number of financing projects involve wide-scale transactions, our lawyers successfully collaborate inter-departmentally in order to tackle any sort of transaction that has a financial feature, from debt recovery, bankruptcy and restructuring, enforcement, to transfers of portfolios or non-performing loans transactions.

What distinguishes our practice from others is our close working relationship we have established with our clients, in sense of knowing our clients by understanding how they underwrite, document and manage their business and as a result, we deliver proper legal advice regarding any possible investment made, or any subject in the area of business finance.

  • (1) Acquisition Finance.
  • (2) Real Estate Finance.
  • (3) Alternative Sources of Debt Funding.
  • (4) Commercial Lending.
  • (5) Regulated Lending.
  • (6) Leasing.
  • (7) Regulatory.
  • (8) Contract Negotiation.
  • (9) Deal Structure.
  • (10) Non-Performing Loan Restructuring (NPLs).
  • (11) Collateral Guarantees Negotiation.
  • (12) Sale and Leaseback Transactions.
  • (13) Prepayment Transactions.
  • (14) Debt Assignment.

Real Estate and Construction

Pavel, Margarit and Associates is a Romanian law firm with over 15 years of experience in the Real Estate and Construction practice, assisting with domestic and cross-border property transactions, real estate financing, construction projects, in a vast array of industry sectors. Our experience encompasses various types of real estate projects in all stages of development, such as residential and commercial buildings, multifamily housing, shopping centers, industrial buildings, mountain resorts and so on. Our Real Estate specialized lawyers offer clients tailored solutions covering the entire life cycle of the real estate project, from due diligence, negotiating and drafting transaction documents, project finance to exit strategies or day-to-day project management.

The law firm has a strong practice in terms of representing both owners and lenders in complex real estate workouts, bankruptcy matters, office, residential and commercial transactions including those that are structured through joint ventures between land owners and developers, shareholder agreements, asset and portfolio acquisitions, property agreements, joint venture investments, development projects.

We offer legal advice on any related acquisition, leasing or financing transaction, legal regulatory advice with real estate compliance and financing related issues such as secured lending transactions (negotiating and drafting the lease documentation), advice on bankruptcy strategies in all stages of the process, secured lending, portfolio loan acquisitions, mortgage securities, to name a few.

We work closely with our Clients in order to craft proper legal solutions according to their business objectives, striving to understand their industries, operations and goals. For that end, we reach out to our Clients by offering our legal know-how, competency and reliability throughout the process of adopting and implementing the most effective solutions and sophisticated strategies, with the sole purpose of protecting their interests.

  • (1) Real Estate Finance.
  • (2) Acquisition/Sale of Lands.
  • (3) Acquisition/Sale & Development of Residential/Office/Commercial buildings.
  • (4) Acquisition/Sale & Development of Retail & Shopping centers.
  • (5) Acquisition/Sale & Development of Industrial parks
  • (6) Permitting matters
  • (7) Regulatory
  • (8) Construction management and project administration
  • (9) Due Diligence
  • (10) Commercial Transactions
  • (11) Joint ventures and shareholder agreements
  • (12) Sale and purchase agreements
  • (13) FIDIC contracts
  • (14) Leases

Employment and Labour Law

Our team of highly effective and very skilled attorneys is able to understand our clients’ objectives and craft proper legal solutions complimenting their operating HR strategies.

We offer tailored legal services adapted to every clients’ industry by recommending and drafting policies and procedures to be implemented with an impact on effective organizational management and in perfect agreement with the employment and labour law in force.

We work closely with our clients’ HR departments in order to establish the particularities and fundamentals of the organization and provide reliable legal advice, in accordance with their business strategy and in the same time protecting their employees’ legal rights

We provide assistance in all employment related legal issues that might arise in an organization: individual and collective agreements legal advice, labour regulations and requirements, organizational restructuring, termination of employment or general employment matters, assistance and legal representation during the controls performed by labour authorities and litigation, to mention a few.

Our Services
  • (1) Individual Employment Agreements.
  • (2) Confidentiality and Non- Competition Agreements.
  • (3) Internal Regulations.
  • (4) Workplace Policies and Procedures.
  • (5) Disciplinary Proceedings
  • (6) Dismissal procedures
  • (7) Collective Labour Agreements
  • (9) Collective Bargaining
  • (10) Layoff and Reduction
  • (11) Assistance in case of Labour Authorities Controls
  • (12) Assistance in case of Strikes
  • (13) Assistance in case of Work Accidents
  • (14) Harassment Investigations
  • (15) Labour Conflicts
  • (16) Compliance
  • (17) Due Diligence
  • (18) Expatriates Employment
  • (19) Pre-litigation Negotiation
  • (20) Employment Dispute Resolution

Intellectual Property

Our team of specialized lawyers has acquired extensive expertise in advising clients coming from different industries and sectors, on a wide array of issues involving Intellectual Property.

We work closely with our clients to determine the best strategy to capitalize on all of their IP matters, from patent to trademark portfolio management and strategy, protecting their vision, maintaining their brand identity and struggling against counterfeiting and undignified initiatives, proper to disloyal competition.

We offer full legal assistance and advise with regard to trademarks and design registrations, from registration, oppositions and appeals in front of OSIM (Romanian State Office for Inventions and Trademarks). We also advise clients on matters concerning copyright, trademark and patent infringement, counterfeiting, illegal use of trademarks, protection against public figure defamation.

  • (1) Individual Employment Agreements.
  • (2) Trademarks
  • (3) Models & Designs
  • (4) Copyrights
  • (5) Patents
  • (6) Litigation (Cancellation/ Infringement/ Compensation)
  • (7) Counterfeiting
  • (8) Defamation
  • (9) Plagiarism
  • (10) Due diligence

Criminal Law & White Collar Crime

Our specialized lawyers in criminal law, with an experience of over 30 years, offer effective legal assistance and representation to natural persons, corporations and public authorities on any specific aspect of the practice, from criminal investigation activities in front of the police/prosecutor, proper settlement of a criminal case, to complex trial cases, before lower courts to the highest legal forums, including the specialized divisions – National Anti-corruption Directorate and Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism.

Our law firm provides legal advice and representation on various criminal law matters such as: financial fraud, money laundering, corruption, abuse of power and negligence in official positions, criminal breaches of confidentiality, white-collar crime, intellectual and industrial property criminal infringements, to name a few.

  • (1) Individual Employment Agreements.
  • (2) Financial Fraud
  • (3) Money laundering
  • (4) Corruption
  • (5) Abuse of power & Negligence in official positions
  • (6) Criminal breaches of confidentiality
  • (7) Intellectual & industrial property criminal infringements

Energy and Natural Resources

We pride ourselves on being the law firm in the top choice of clients for the Energy and Natural Resources practice area, advising global key clients, both local and international, on legal matters from regulatory to project finance for mining, green energy and electricity sectors. Our law firm has a strong background in providing custom legal advice, through establishing close working relationships with our clients, in sense of knowing them by understanding how they underwrite, document and manage their business.

We advise clients activating in Natural Resources – Mining Sector with legal aspects concerning: regulatory in relation to permits/licenses/authorizations, transfer of mining licenses, major financings, corporate/M&A projects, various types of contracts used in natural resources procurement, sale and purchase of ore concentrates (copper, zinc, gold, etc.), development work, environmental law and so on. Also, we successfully represent in complex litigation cases global key players in the Mining Sector.

  • (1) Individual Employment Agreements.
  • (2) Regulatory Compliance
  • (3) Consultation on Primary and Secondary Legislation
  • (4) Project Finance
  • (5) Cross-border Transactions
  • (6) Joint Ventures
  • (7) Structuring & Negotiation of Agreements
  • (8) Specific Due Diligence
  • (9) Regulatory advice on Permits/Licenses/Authorizations in Natural Resources – Mining Sector
  • (10) Regulatory advice on Electricity Services (setting up, generation, transmission and distribution)
  • (11) Legal advice on Renewable Energy Projects (development & operation)
  • (12) Regulatory advice on Permits/Licenses in Renewable Energy Sector

Immigration Law

We are among the few law firms in Romania with a team of specialized lawyers in Immigration law, delivering legal advice at the highest quality standards on corporate Immigration, to our international clients, foreign investors, Romanian companies seeking foreign workforce and natural foreign citizens looking to obtain Romanian citizenship.

Our legal services include legal opinions on the rules and regulations of business Immigration as well as assistance and representation before the courts of law and in front of public authorities in Immigration issues.

We provide legal assistance and representation in front of authorities in Bucharest to obtain and extend any type of visas, long stay visas – for economical activities in Romania, for professional activities in Romania, for commercial activities in Romania, employment in Romania, for studies, for family reunification, for religious or humanitarian activities in Romania, diplomatic and work visa other purposes visa symbol D/AS and short stay visas – for visit, tourism, business. We also assist our clients with: residence permits, permanent residence, registration/ correction/transcription of the civil status document, in Romania, and mentions on the civil status documents through administrative procedures or judicial settlement.

  • (1) Individual Employment Agreements.
  • (2) Short/long stay visas (any type of visas)
  • (3) Invitations
  • (4) Temporary/permanent residence permits (obtaining and extension)
  • (5) Work permits
  • (6) Romanian Citizenship (guidance)
  • (7) Civil status documents (registration/ correction/transcription)